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Cutting and chiseling of metal


Cutting and chiseling is accompanied by the use of mechanical tools: cutter, guillotine, band-saw machine, etc.

Metal cutting

A universal way of cutting any metal parts. This technology allows you to process:

  • pipes;
  • angle bars;
  • tape;
  • fittings;
  • sheets;
  • and other metal products.

Metal cutting methods

Gas-oxygen cutting

A type of thermal cutting. A thin layer of metal is burned under the influence of high temperature as a directed pure oxygen line. This gas cutter is used for cutting steel with low oxygen content and alloying constituent. It is not used when working with aluminum, cast iron, or copper.

Plasma cutting

A type of thermal cutting. The metal is burned using an electric arc blown by a powerful airflow. The operating temperature of the a plasma torch allows cutting parts from almost any metal, including cast iron, titanium and stainless steel. Note that all types of thermal cutting have one tangible drawback - the edges of the parts are fused and if you need high accuracy, they require additional processing.

Cutting using a band-saw machine

One of the most efficient and affordable technologies that allows you to cut large-sized rolled products. Band saws leave a smooth, even cut on the product, which does not need to be further processed and polished.

Water jet cutting

One of the most accurate methods of metal processing that allows you to get a product that does not require additional polishing and fitting. This type of cutting is carried out on programmable machines with high productivity — up to 300 meters of cut per minute.

Longitudinal cutting and cutting to length of the tape from the roll

An effective way to carbon and galvanized steel into a tape. Mostly, this method is waste-free, the roll is cut and drawn off simultaneously. Using this method, you can process metal with a gauge of no more than 3 millimeters.

Cutting with an angle grinder

A labor-intensive but effective technology allows getting an accurate cut without oxide scale and liquated edges. It can be used for cutting parts of light and average gauge.

The choice of technology is determined by the type of metal, the shape to be given to the parts, as well as the requirements for the accuracy of the cutter.

Metal chiseling

Carried out using special tools— guillotine or scrap shear press baler. The technology allows processing:

  • metal plate;
  • metal angles (up to 16 cm), channel beam, flange beam (using special shears);
  • and other metal products.

You can not only cut metal, but also punch holes in it, make collar. This method allows to get an accurate cut without finning at the edges. The amount of offscouring (no facing) is reduced to a minimum. There are a number of restrictions on the use of cutting. It is suitable for cutting sheets and strips of metal with a gauge of no more than 3 cm, and the length of cut of modern crop shear is no more than 6 meters. In addition, this technology allows you to get only details of simple forms. If you need a cam contour, you must use the cutting techniques listed above.

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