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Metal bending


Bending is a technology for processing metal and metal products with a given curved shape. It allows to produce L-shaped and U-shaped profiles and angles, roll pipes and fittings, and so on. It is possible to bend billets of almost all types of metal used in industry: aluminum, copper, titanium, steel and it`s alloys.

The procedure is performed on rolling-and-bending machines. The minimum angle that can be set for the stock material depends on the gauge and type of ingoing material: the more elastic and thinner it is, the smaller the angle set and the more complex the shape of the future piece.

Metal bending technologies:

Three-point bending

Suitable for working with thick sheets of material (more than one and a half millimeters). It is carried out on a special press that bed metal in the recess. Than more deeply into the press, the sharper the angle of the bend is. There is always free space under the stock material.


Allows getting precise bending angles when working with parts made of different materials of different gauges. The press forces the stock material tightly against the mold, as in stamping.

Forge-rolling is used for bending metal stock materials, which is stretched between the shafts. As a result there is a desired bend angle to the pipes.

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